11 Must-Have Fancy Home Upgrades That Exudes Luxury

11 Must-Have Fancy Home Upgrades That Exude Luxury

Whether you have recently purchased a luxury home or planning to remodel your existing luxury dwelling place, investing in the right options is important. Upgrading the home not only adds to the quality of life but makes your home more stylish. Be sure to incorporate practical updates that resonate with your lifestyle. The result of investing money should make your home more stylish, functional, and convenient and add more value to your property. Are you zealous to add a few upgrades to your home that are worth it? 

Check these upgrades to find out how minor and budget-friendly upgrades may make luxury custom homes in Vancouver a good place to live.

1. Change the Flooring

Change the flooring

You must be aware that changing the flooring can make your home look luxurious. You can go for carpeting, hardwood, or polished tiles. However, if you are not too anxious to spend exorbitantly on your home’s flooring, all you need is to replace the living room’s carpet with hardwood. Although hardwood cleaning is a bit daunting, it’s worth your money and status. Adding a new floor gives a refreshing look to your home.

2. Change the Kitchen Countertops

Change the kitchen countertops

Countertops are an integral aspect of your kitchen and play a crucial role to add to its functionality. While they create a bold statement visually, you can finally say goodbye to the obstacles like food spills, long food preparation time, and frequent cleaning. If you have high-end kitchen cabinets you adore but countertops that are hardly a good match, invest in the one that matters. You can pick quartz countertops to reduce the maintenance hassles while keeping it functional on the whole. You can add to these small upgrades like an under mount sink, a slab backsplash, or upgraded faucets. Check the previews of other luxury custom homes in Vancouver and get going.

3. Adding Plants

Adding plants

There is no denying that adding plants to your home can immediately add to the beauty of any space. You can pick potted plants or big vases to make your house green, add to it a focal point, and incorporate a unique texture into the house. Making your home green does not require spending much but goes a long way in adding glamor to your home. 

4. Add Neutral Shades 

Add neutral shades

Neutral hues are likely to make your home calm and tranquil. Grey, white and black is three of the most searched shades you may come across in Vancouver luxury custom homes

5. Upgrading the Garage Doors

Upgrading the garage doors

There are so many styles to choose from when upgrading garage doors that you may have left with an over-lasting curb appeal. But before that, you may ask why garage door?  Well, this door is what you come across first when entering a home. Naturally, replacing it boosts the resale value and provides you with the highest returns on investment. You can rev up the curb appeal of your house as well when changing the garage door. 

6. Floor Heating System

Floor heating system

A heating system installed below the floor is indeed unique. Several luxury custom home builders in Vancouver BC may also recommend this option to make your home cozy and comfortable. You can keep on adding this feature to every room of your home and make them energy-efficient. While you can add this heating system with laminate and vinyl floors, it will work best when paired with ceramic or porcelain tiles. A good thing about this heating system is that it goes with different climates and also in outdoor living spaces. 

7. Using Refined Lighting Features

Using refined lighting features

Changing the lighting fixtures of your home is one of those ways your house gets a luxurious feel. You can go for direct illumination, and use accent lamps in the leisure areas of your home like the bedrooms. There is no end to luxury when it comes to upgrading the lights of your home. Using a chandelier or a pendant lamp is good to go and dresses up your room with a glamorous feel. Add a dimmer switch to add more convenience to your home. 

8. Create More Space

Create more space

One of the best ways to add luxury to your home is through the creation of open space by investing in storage solutions. You can also rearrange or de-clutter your home to create a new and enlarged space and add it to an existing space. 

9. Adding a Pendant Lamp or Chandelier

Adding a pendant lamp or chandelier

An excellent way to make your house feel luxurious is by installing a pendant lamp or a chandelier. They go a long way in dressing up the living area. Want to go a step ahead to add convenience to the lighting features? Why not add a dimmer switch to create a soothing feel? Besides, other options you can think about are recessed or track lighting in the corners or below the shelves. Overall, there are plenty of lighting options you can blend to give your home an elegant look.

10. Luxurious Bathroom Upgrade

Luxurious bathroom upgrade

When it comes to choosing luxurious upgrades for your home, bathrooms take a prime place. Installing a tile shower not only makes the bathing area stylish but is easy to maintain. However, if you have a fetish for luxury upgrades in the bathroom, a bathtub is good to go, or a rain-style showerhead, which is not only elegant but saves water. 

11. Getting a Comfortable Mattress

Fancy upgrades at home are incomplete without getting something for a perfect sleep. Unfortunately, most people change their mattresses quite late until they turn and toss over the bed and sending several weeks of sleepless nights. Mattresses come with varying levels of comfort but you need to pick one based on your needs. A king-size mattress gives enough room to couples and is a perfect way of upgrading the bedroom. If you have been planning to change the mattress for a while now, here is your opportunity to do the tricks. 

If you are planning to add small upgrades to a luxury custom home and lend it a luxurious feel, you need not break your budget or bank. There is a flurry of options to add to make your home a haven of luxury within a budget. For inspirational home upgrades, connect with Roadhouse Homes, one of the builders in Vancouver to swear by.


In conclusion, if you want to show off your luxury lifestyle, there are a few must-have upgrades you can make to your home. From adding luxurious finishes to your interior design to upgrading your appliances and furniture, there are plenty of ways to give your home that extra edge. If you’re not sure where to start, consult with a professional or look for advice online. With the right upgrades, you’ll be able to show off your wealth and sophistication in style!

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